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26. srpna 2008 v 13:15 | Arakanga |  About me
Well, where to begin. Since I was a child I've loved cats. But, because we lived in a flat, we couldn't get one, so the only "pet" we've had were fishes. They weren't really cuddly.
When I was eleven (or twelve, I can't remember, it doesn't matter) we moved to the house we live in up to now. The two kittens we got from our friends were perfect. Unfortunatelly, the first one got lost after two or three years (he was always a bit dumb, he couldn't even climb down a tree. I have a strange feeling that he went out and three streets from our house couldn't find way back. I and my family believe that he lives in a house nearby, there's a very similar cat living there. He doesn't recognise us though. Then again, it has been a long time). The other one got lost in summer 2007. He was a drifter.
Now we have two other kittens. The ginger one is Trevor (I don't know why, it just seemed somehow right), the brown one is Maia. This article is pointless, I know. But this section is about me and everything related...these two are.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Sonia Sonia | E-mail | Web | 16. října 2008 v 20:57 | Reagovat

Ou, sakra, chúdence predošlé mačky. Čo presne znamená "drifter", prosím?

2 Arakanga Arakanga | E-mail | Web | 22. října 2008 v 6:56 | Reagovat

Tulák. Měl hodně toulavou krev. Domů přišel jen, když potřeboval něco málo k jídlu a trochu se pomazlit.

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