A Penguin

19. srpna 2008 v 1:27 | Arakanga |  My poetry
This is just something silly I wrote because I can't stand the high temperatures of summer 2008.

I have a dream that I haven't talked about too much.
It would cause controversy, contempt, hate and such.
But this summer the temperatures were so high
that I felt like I'm sublimating right into the sky.
I don't want to be dishonest, I don't want to be a liar...
So I'll tell you.
To be a PENGUIN is my deepest desire.

God, my soul and the other one had to be confused!
How comes that each summer I get fused?!
I'm afraid every time that I'm sweating and wheezing
that somewhere on Antarctica an unlucky penguin is freezing.

The weather is not exactly like it's in Africa,
but it feels like I'm living in Sahara replica.
Each time in spring I just want to cry
because the winter passes so quickly by.

Now I figured out what to do,
it sounds strange, but it is true.
I will move and live in my refrigerator
and I will come out hunded years later.

Instead of spending my years melting in a rage,
I will wait beside the pizza for the next ice age.

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