The Siren

12. července 2008 v 1:20 | Arakanga |  My poetry
Inspired by the Greek myths.

Wave after wave, the sea comes to me,
welcoming, soft and so calm is it´s touch.
Murmuring, telling me what I´m to be
talking of miracles, wonders and such.

Is it a dream? Have I become blind?!
Quiet and suggestive, it calls my name.
But the voice isn´t real, it´s in my mind,
yet I fall and there is no one to blame.

Siren, oh siren, how sweet your song is!
So many of us have fallen for it.
But I can´t resist it, wait for me, please!
You are the only one I want to meet...

I would have never seen your darkened face.
I would have never known all was just lie.
You tricked me into going to this place,
empty and desolate - here I shall die.

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