The Exode of Life

18. července 2008 v 19:17 | Arakanga |  My poetry
The theatre is almost empty,
but the rows, they will fill soon.
We'll show you how we can act
trapped by spells of shining moon.

Are you smiling at our jokes?
Did tragedy make you cry?
It's our life and we won't tell you
who decided it and why.

I'm the actress on the stage,
no face underneath my mask.
To play the Exode of Life,
that's to be my only task.

Dancing, turning, twisting 'round,
acting sad, happy or mad.
Our roles, they are given to us
so you know who's good and bad.

But we aren't white or black.
All the Actors must be gray.
We can be shaped like a sculpture
by the author of the play.

Red curtains are lowered down,
we have finished our play then.
Thank you that you came to see
"Exode of Life", and come again!

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