The Daydreamer

12. července 2008 v 1:19 | ArakangaLife is crumbling like a ruin, |  My poetry
Have you ever felt like this?

Life is crumbling like a ruin,
hearing saviour´s loud calling.
But I can not leave the corpse
although it´s decaying, falling.
I´m walking amongst the sleeping,
you will never see me cry
when the wind carries a weeping
I know that I must not die
So many of my dreams - broken,
yet I´m still walking the road
touching the things in my mind
with my fingers, unfeeling and cold
I´m on the desert, but seeing the shore,
I will be Daydreamer forever more.
Hearing the angel´s encouragements,
the flames of the Hell have burned my feet
hoping to see the one I love,
the one I´m never supposed to meet.
I love the invisible one,
the one that exists just in my dreams
The sweet song playing in my ears
doesn´t allow me to hear my screams
and I know that I can not leave
I´m alive - to make them live.
I´m the reason for some of them,
I´ll be with you till the end
I´m the letter for the devil
that is never to be sent.
Living in my own dreams
you may pity fate of mine,
but I don´t see it this way
my spirit has crossed the line
Not knowing what is real
my dreams are all that I feel.
My dreams are my future, or even more,
I will be Daydreamer forevermore...

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