Children of the Trees

12. července 2008 v 1:18 | Arakanga |  My poetry
It's where I belong.

We are the children of the trees,
dancing, dancing for our mother.
To please her, to show her our love.
We´re dancing our wild dances,
free and bright, full of light.
We´re here for her,
for our mother, the Earth.

Sun is our guide, it leads us there,
into the deep, dark green,
where one can forget and dream.
Forest, you´re our home!
Home...home at least...

Drinking the fresh water from the spring,
taking the knowledge and youth that it hides.
For this is a cure for our disease.
For this is a cure for everything.

In the dying light of sunbeams,
when the day ends, we worship her,
feeling her caring arms upon us,
and the smell of wood and grass...

We lie down, on the moss,
softer than anything that can be,
the silent ululation of the owl
is our lullaby.
Falling asleep, counting the stars,
thinking - how many there are?
Seeing our future, present and the past.
This is our world, yet we are the last.

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