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Nickname: Arakanga (what a surprise, huh?) Feel free to call me Ara, Ari or Aneta.
Birthdate: December 5th 1990
Location: Czech Republic, Prague
Appearance: Blue/green/gray eyes, brown hair, 165cm high (see the gallery)
I am a loner, usually siting over a book. The internet helps me to relax a bit and be able to chat with the other people (I'm quite shy in reality before I get to know the person I'm talking to better). My sense of humour is defined by one humorous group, one music band and one sitcom: the three that has made me realize what kind of humour I love and which is a very important aspect in my life. These are:

Then you should know that I love nature. If I see anyone hurting trees for fun, I'm urged to murder the person.
What else should you know? Ah, yes. My interests...

-amateurish acting and dubbing

-reading (Ray Bradbury, Robert Graves, Jiří Kulhánek, James Herbert and many more...)

-writing (some poetry, short stories, fan-fictions, scripts...they may suck, but it's a good way to relax)

-drawing (see the galleries)

-mythology, history and magic (like telepathy, runes, pendulum, the magic of four elements, the Celts and so on...)

-PC games (Tomb Raider, of course, then I simply love Legacy of Kain series. The story is the best I've ever heard. What else...Prince of Persia, SilkRoad Online, Beyond Good and Evil...)

-music (I couldn't live without it...I like classical music, some soundtracks from the games listed above. Then I like The Arrogant Worms, Scissor Sisters, Nightwish, U2, Evanescence, Michael Jackson, ES Posthumus, music by Kurt Harland, Danny Elfman and many more)

-working with TRLE and NGLE (although I hate these suckers)

-singing and playing flute (hopefully I'll soon start to learn how to play guitar)

-movies (All the Monty Python creations, Red Dwarf, Constantine, I Claudius, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jesus Christ Superstar...)

-travelling -...and many other things and activities...
Yeah, quite a lot.
My other creations are:
http://www.arrogant-worms.blog.cz - a Czech blog about The Arrogant Worms. There's also a tiny English section.
http://www.arakanga.blog.cz - a Czech blog with my creations
http://www.legacy-of-kain.blog.cz - a Czech blog about Legacy of Kain series
http://www.ladycroft.cz - I'm a member of the LadyCroft team, thus I work on Tomb Raider: Legacy project (vide My projects section). I've also finished After Sleeper's Fall fan fiction in Czech, which is published in Fan section, along with several other stories and fan arts.
http://www.fanfiction.net/~arakanga - Not exactly my creation, but it's my profile where you can find all my fanfictions.

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